Short Squeeze

$IGC Gaps Fades Squeezes

The strategy for this was to use the high-of-day as my mental stop point and to try and get an entry as close to that as possible with an exit target of $1.00, so when the opportunity came I shot.

$BSPM Fails Continuation Attempt

I planned to use the $2.50 level as my risk and get an easy all day fade entry around $2.30. Unfortuntaely due to price action, my plans and strategy got bumped up to a risk of $2.75 and entry around…

$AWX Day Three Continuation

The strategy was to take an entry against the high-of-day at around the $8.00 level because of lower volume seen on the $8 push. This meant I was looking for a lower-high to get an entry on and then my…

$AWX Tricks And Traps

The strategy was to get an entry near $5.00 and use that level as my risk. From that point I would want to see the stock move back down the $4.00 level to capture my ideal risk:reward.