$STAF Pops Holds Fades

Because of past moves where this stock ran up fast and died down just as quickly, I was looking for something similar to happen. Without any major resistance to get an entry against, this was a more risky trade.

$IGC Gaps Fades Squeezes

The strategy for this was to use the high-of-day as my mental stop point and to try and get an entry as close to that as possible with an exit target of $1.00, so when the opportunity came I shot.

$STAF Pops Drops Fades

The strategy for trading $STAF was to use the premarket high and any breakout with whole and half dollar point as resistance. If I could get a good short entry against one of those resistance points, my stop price would…

$ABIL Gaps Huge Halts

The strategy for trading ABIL was to work off of the premarket high as a risk level and take a short position with any approach. Since the market already moved down lower towards the open it seemed unlikely there was…