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$ARCI Pumps Dumps Dead

The strategy for this trade was to use the whole and half dollar resistance levels and see how much volume comes into the stock. This was a higher risk trade since it was just a random pop-up, probably a chatroom…

$ATAI Morning Pop Grind

My strategy for this trade was using the initial high as my risk level and to enter the trade when the lower high was made after the peak. Then with any luck, the stock should fade into the darkness whence…

$STAF Pops Holds Fades

Because of past moves where this stock ran up fast and died down just as quickly, I was looking for something similar to happen. Without any major resistance to get an entry against, this was a more risky trade.

$TNXP Premarket Runs Fades

With the premarket high made and a fade already occuring I was looking for a morning spike that I could short into, risking against premarket highs and a fade I could exit out of.