Statistics For All Time

As a trader you need to keep close track of each trade so that you can generate stastics that define your performance. With these statistics you can actually quantify how successful you are as well as spot weaknesses in how you trade that might otherwise go unnoticed.

In order to stay focused, I log each trade and have set up a system that automatically generates my personal trading statistics so that I can make sure I am on the right track at all times. That way, if I start to see trends in the statistics that I don't like I can alter my trading strategy to fix the issue.

Overall Statistics
Total Gain/Loss: $7,820.69 Largest Gain: $765.00 (show)
Average Monthly Gain/Loss: $1,955.18 Largest Loss: ($348.00) (show)
Average Monthly Volume: 163 Avg. Per-Share Gain/Loss: $0.21
Avg. Winning Trade: $200.84 Average Trade Gain/Loss: $115.01
Avg. Losing Trade: ($112.25) Total Trades: 67
Avg. Winning Trade: 49 (73.1%) Avg. Hold Time (Win): 111.51 minutes
Avg. Losing Trade: 18 (26.9%) Avg. Hold Time (Loss): 36.13 minutes
Max Consecutive Losses: 16 Max Consecutive Wins: 5
Total Comissions: 23.42 Total Fees: 0
Avg. Revenue/Loss Ratio: 1.79

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