Trade Analysis

Understanding how a chart looks and analyzing the proper trade associated with a chart pattern both in real-time and after the trade has taken place are important tools that every trader should be using. In this area you can browse the four different types of analysis that we do. Our daily analysis contains an overview of the trades placed that day with a summary of why they were chosen and how they performed. The other three types of analysis are more in-depth explanations for why a certain trading strategy was chosen, how it was identified and then executed.

$DDE Merges And Boosts

From the premarket chart, my strategy was to catch the breakdown below the $2.95 support line. Shorting the breakdown is not my favorite play because it doesn’t usually work out for me. However I decided to give it another go.

$SAEX Mini Friday Gap

The strategy for this trade was to use the premarket high as resistance and to short sell against that point with a little extra room above. Since the gap was not very big and the day had very little volume…

$CPAH Spikes From Nowhere

My strategy was to use the high of day to get an entry and risk 10 to 20 cents above that point looking for a fade. CPAH didn’t have any identifiable resistance until the $5.00 range, so plan b was…

$CLRB Up Over 1000%

The historical price movements of CLRB offered no resistance or support zones at the price it was trading other than the pre-market chart which is where I found my $13.50 risk level. This is a higher risk trade than normal,…