Trade Analysis

Understanding how a chart looks and analyzing the proper trade associated with a chart pattern both in real-time and after the trade has taken place are important tools that every trader should be using. In this area you can browse the four different types of analysis that we do. Our daily analysis contains an overview of the trades placed that day with a summary of why they were chosen and how they performed. The other three types of analysis are more in-depth explanations for why a certain trading strategy was chosen, how it was identified and then executed.

$BSPM Doubles In A Rush

The strategy I used on this was based off of the gap the trading halt left in the stock chart and the high of day that was made after the trading halt. Basically, I wanted an entry nearby the gap…

$AWX Running For No Reason

The strategy for this trade was to use the high of day with a little head-room above as my risk level and looking for a reversal for the rest of the day.

$ATTU Merger Goes Nowhere

The strategy was to bet against the $15-$16 range resistance and that we could get a decent pull back into the $14’s. In hind-sight there wasn’t much good risk:reward on this trade. That should have been obvious to me, but…

$EYEG Gaps Tests Fades

This day in the markets was so slow and boring you could taste it. No stocks were moving which gave me the extra confidence to simply use the high-of-day as a resistance/entry point for a short sell trade. So using…