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$MDGS Reverse Split Gap

On this reverse split stock there was no real resistance level to work off of until just after the open. During the first minute this stock was halted and when it re-opened there was a big gap that would likely…

$BIOC Gaps Runs Fades

The strategy I wanted to use was based off of the intraday gap that formed from the trading halt. After the halt, I would wait for the high to be made and then get an entry nearby that high with…

$PIXY Ruins The Weekend

For this trade my strategy was to risk against the $4.00 resistance level that was forming a flag. I would wait until the open and see how things reacted towards $4.00 and get a good entry, if possible.

$IZEA Guillotines Short Sellers

The strategy for this trade was to use a level just above the premarket resistance as my risk: $2.60, and to get a nearby entry with a target just below $2.00 to close the position. IZEA is a low float…