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$SAEX Mini Friday Gap

The strategy for this trade was to use the premarket high as resistance and to short sell against that point with a little extra room above. Since the gap was not very big and the day had very little volume…

$CPAH Spikes From Nowhere

My strategy was to use the high of day to get an entry and risk 10 to 20 cents above that point looking for a fade. CPAH didn’t have any identifiable resistance until the $5.00 range, so plan b was…

$CLRB Up Over 1000%

The historical price movements of CLRB offered no resistance or support zones at the price it was trading other than the pre-market chart which is where I found my $13.50 risk level. This is a higher risk trade than normal,…

$GENE Flirts With $2

My strategy for GENE was playing off of the premarket resistance levels around $1.70 and $1.90. I wanted to get an entry at these prices targeting a move back to the $1.40’s for a decent risk:reward ratio.