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$BLIN Pops For Tricks

The strategy for this trade was to see where it peaks out, probably at psychological dollar and half dollar marks and to take positions against those resistance levels.

$ATAI Puny Pop Drops

As $ATAI continued to zoom, I was given a few minutes to actually develop a strategy with risk levels and targets. So when the $3.00 psychological level was hit, I could execute.

$IPAS Low Volume Pop

The strategy was to use historical resistance in the $3-$3.10 level and see if it is respected and take an entry against it. If I can get a decent entry, then a move back to $2.50 would give a very…

$ARCI Pumps Dumps Dead

The strategy for this trade was to use the whole and half dollar resistance levels and see how much volume comes into the stock. This was a higher risk trade since it was just a random pop-up, probably a chatroom…