Why You Are Here

It might sound strange to hear it, but I already know why you are here. You are an aspiring day trader and you are trying to find a method to make it work. You have already found out how difficult trading is and have had more happy wins and depressing losses than you can count. You find yourself constantly wondering if this is for you, because after all, over 90% of traders don’t make consistent profits. To that I say it is definitely possible to be a profitable day trader but you must be more dedicated than the other 95%.

This website is here to show my day trading journey which I hope can inspire others to learn more about finance and the markets, as it is a unique element of our world. Nothing I am offering is advice or trading signals, I am simply opening a window into my world that I hope can help others become more educated in their trading. So choose a route from the three buttons below to see my trading history, statistics and analysis.